How much does a pearl necklace cost?

  • December 16, 2019

How much does a pearl necklace cost? Good question and it does depend. Let me explain: there’s generally 3 price levels for pearls. At the top end there are cultured pearls such as South Sea, Akoyas, Tahitian Pearls. All lovely and great quality pearls, grown in the sea in South East Asia, Australia, Indonesia and the Polynesian Islands. These are the expensive ones and a necklace could cost you easily anything from €500 to  €1,000 and much, much more . They are lovely pearls with great lustre. You’ll find them in the top jewellers and also on some on line stores in UK and the States.

At the bottom level there are poor quality pearls  -cheap and cheerful. But they are low grade pearls with, often with little luster, mis-shapen, deep surface marks,  and low grade quality. You can pick something up for $20 but you get what you pay for. However these cheap pearls can be used to make attractive bracelets or necklaces and come under the heading cheap and cheerful.

In the middle is where you will find good quality pearls with great value. Remember the quality points when looking for pearls: size, shape, lustre, depth of nacre, matching pearls, colour, and surface. These are the Freshwater pearls, grown in lakes and ponds in South East Asia. You can buy a good quality necklace for under €100. But you need to buy it from a good source and know what to look for. This is where ilovemypearls is positioned. Great quality and great value. We deal with pearl farms directly and can cut out middlemen. We have a GIA graduate on hand to check the quality of pearls and source only good quality pearls. We hand craft many of our necklaces and use silk thread and .925 silver.  So when you ask the question how much does a pearl necklace cost, you can see it really does depend on how much you want to spend, but if like us you want to get the best value have a look at our pearls on this website.