Take care of your Pearls

  • December 3, 2017

Pearls generally look after themselves – just a couple of rules. Try not to spray perfume or hairspray directly on to them. Wipe them from time to time with a damp cloth. Pearls look better the more you wear them. They pick up oil from your skin and this enhances the luster and glow of the pearl. Pearls are generally strung on silk thread that is very strong but at some stage during the life of the bracelet or necklace the string may break, particularly if the thread gets wet. Our Pearls are knotted after each Pearl so even if this happens the Pearls won’t scatter all over the floor. Take the Pearls to a Jeweller for mending-it shouldn’t cost too much and will ensure you can continue to wear your Pearls for years to come. Speacial knots between each Pearl ensures that you won’t loose your Pearls and stops them rubbing against each other.