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Small is beautiful…………

And here at “I love my Pearls”, we are a small business. Located on the east coast of Ireland, near the small village of Courtown, I run the business with the main aim, to give you great quality Pearls at great prices. We’re not a large operation and keep a close eye on all our products and costs. We don’t have big departments and lots of overheads, we keep things tight and that’s why we can offer you Real Pearls at such good prices. We deal directly with wholesalers at source – both Pearl farm and manufacturer. Just check out other websites or go to your local jewellers and see if they can match our prices and our quality.

So, rest assured you’re buying the genuine article.

When you buy on line, you want to be assured that you are buying the genuine article. That’s why we provide a copy of the certificate of identification and authenticity, together with quality assurance labels from the Zhejiang Freshwater Pearl Inspection Bureau to show you that your Pearls are the genuine article.

Not only that but we make doubly sure that the Pearls are great quality by having our Pearl expert maintain strict quality control on all Pearls. Our team member has completed the program requirements of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA-the world’s foremost authority in Gemology) and achieved their Diploma in Pearls. (Kevin Moriarty GIA Pearls Graduate)


Gemology Institute of America Certificate Certificate of Pearl authenticity Certificate of Pearl Source