Pearl jewellery with real pearls not cheap disposable jewellery

Always yours Pearls

Going into the  main retail stores and you see rows and rows of cheap jewellery. Looks glittery and fun but most is cheap and disposable. There’s no sense of style of quality about it. Whereas buying a small Pearl bracelet or set of earrings will cost a little more but will give you years of pleasure and it helps knowing that Pearls are natural, organic, and uniquely original. Now you can’t say that about mass produced junk jewellery.

Real pearls or fake pearls? Rest assured that our team knows what they are doing in determining real and fake pearls. Our Pearl expert is certified by the Gemological Institute of America. And is a  Pearl Graduate with a Diploma in Peals. This ensures you get the best quality pearls. The  Pearl Authenticity and Identification of Pearl Source are proof that our Pearls are  genuine Pearls  We have the quality control systems in place to guarantee that.

What do we look for in Pearls? Well we’re guided by the GIA 7 Value Factors which indicate the quality points in Pearls.  They are a guide to the value of the pearl. These are: Size, Shape, Colour, Lustre, Surface, Nacre thickness, and Matching.

Our pearl jewellery is right in the middle of this fashion trend. We have lovely baroque pearls both earrings, necklaces and bracelets. As well as more casual and fun pearl jewellery. 

Why have women been wearing Pearls for hundreds of years? It’s because of two reasons: they look stunning and they make women’s complexions glow. The way a Pearl grows allows light to reflect of it in a special way and so the lustre or glow of a pearl is then reflected onto a complexion -showing off the Pearl and the wearer in the best light!

Pearls are organic, natural and have a special surface, which reflects light on a complexion in a very flattering way

In other words you always look better when wearing Pearls! This is a result of the way Nacre is formed on the pearl. The nacre reflects light with sharpness and intensity that gives a Pearl it’s particular glow. That’s why they have been worn by women for centuries, and are now making a big comeback in the fashion world. The light reflects on a complexion in a special way and enhances the skin with a glowing light.