Hand crafted pearl necklace

  • December 9, 2019

 Hand crafted pearl necklace requires patience and care to carefully thread our Freshwater pearls with silk thread. A knot after each pearl makes sure that they don’t rub together, and if they ever break, will stop you loosing all the Pearls. Carefully selected pearls are checked for quality. That is only pearls with good lustre, colour, size, shape and depth of nacre are selected. For our hand crafted  pearl  necklaces the pearls are then threaded on silk thread and carefully knotted. 

Freshwater pearls are natural gems, grown in freshwater and often take up to two years to grow. They are formed in molluscs which grow in freshwater. The most important quality point in choosing a pearl is the depth of the lustre, that is the reflection shown on the surface of the pearl.


Pearls appeal to all who are interested in fashion. For some of us it’s a classic necklace for work or giving a casual outfit a classy look. For others it’s a baroque necklace or earrings for a fashion statement. It’s what you want to say that matters. Do the Pearl fashion test. Go into the newsagents or supermarket and scan the fashion/women’s magazines and see who’s wearing fashion  pearls. Previous  months it’s Kate and Meghan on Hello cover. Who is it this month? Recently there’s a lot about shells and pearls in Vogue and Elle, pointing to the sea as an influence on fashion jewellery. 

Our pearls are right in the middle of this fashion trend. We have lovely baroque pearls both earrings, necklaces and bracelets. As well as more casual and fun pearl jewellery. 

Why have women been wearing Pearls for hundreds of years? It’s because of two reasons: they just look stunning and go with any outfit and they make women’s complexions glow. The way a Pearl grows allows light to reflect off it in a special way and so the lustre or glow of a pearl is then reflected onto a complexion -showing off the Pearl and the wearer in the best light!