Pearls of all shapes and sizes

  • August 19, 2018

I love My PearlsReal Freshwater Pearls come in all shapes and sizes. On I Love My Pearls we have a good selection of different types, here is a guide to shapes and sizes: 

Round-the perfect round pearl is usually the most expensive as very few Pearls grow to become perfectly round.  Our Pearls are mostly AA grade for shape with some AAA, that is they look round but with some slight off round curves. You can also get  Near Round and Semi Round shaped Pearls, which are variations. Depending on your taste and budget you will find a something for everyone.  Button Pearls-like the mushrooms -shaped like a button. Nice Pearls and great value.Baroque -these Pearls have an irregular shape but are now very popular particularly in the larger size. Drop and Coin-shaped like tear drops or small coins – these Pearls are different and great for a change. Rice Pearls-small, delicate and funny enough shaped like rice grains!

Pearls have a variety of shapes, with the classic round and drop shapes being the most popular to wear.

The shape of the pearls used in our jewellery is graded in accordance with the GIA Pearl Description System. The table shows the different shapes that are possible.


Oval Symmetrical, rounded and oblong
Button Symmetrical, slightly flattened
Drop Symmetrical, pear shaped
Semi-baroque Irregular, not quite symmetrical
Baroque A pearl with an irregular shape




Uniformly spherical


Almost spherical, with some minor variations