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Pearl necklace. A real statement pearl necklace, 20″ Grade AA 13-15 mm size Large Edison Pearls with Silver claspwith oozes sophistication and style –with a stand out look from the unusually large Freshwater Pearls. Each one, individual and glowing! The Pearls of this pearl necklace are an unusual shape but are formed perfectly and naturally like all Freshwater Pearls. This necklace brings you the beauty of Pearls but with a high fashion style. It has been designed at a slightly longer length to maximise how it lies on the neckline-as the Pearls are large then you need this extra length to give it the exact proportion for that elegant look. These Pearls glow with distinction and sit perfectly-as with all our Pearls they are genuine 100% Real Freshwater Pearls and these ones are bead nucleated -so have a tiny bead at the centre which allows it to grow into these fabulous shapes

Pearls appeal to all who are interested in fashion. For some of us it’s a classic necklace for work or giving a casual outfit a classy look. For others it’s a baroque necklace or earrings for a fashion statement. It’s what you want to say that matters. Do the Pearl fashion test. Go into the newsagents or supermarket and scan the fashion/women’s magazines and see who’s wearing fashion  pearls. Previous  months it’s Kate and Meghan on Hello cover. Who is it this month? Recently there’s a lot about shells and pearls in Vogue and Elle, pointing to the sea as an influence on fashion jewellery. 

Have you seen the film The Favourite? Well, it’s well worth watching if you like Pearls as  it seems like they are everywhere. Most are Baroque style and looking fabulous. OK maybe a bit overdone and probably not 100% accurate but they look stunning.

Our pearls are right in the middle of this fashion trend. We have lovely baroque pearls both earrings, necklaces and bracelets. As well as more casual and fun pearl jewellery. 

Why have women been wearing Pearls for hundreds of years? It’s because of two reasons: they just look stunning and go with any outfit and they make women’s complexions glow. The way a Pearl grows allows light to reflect off it in a special way and so the lustre or glow of a pearl is then reflected onto a complexion -showing off the Pearl and the wearer in the best light!





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There’s one thing you can guarantee is that there is never a wrong time to give Pearls as a gift. Just think -Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations, Weddings, Mother’s Day, Engagements, Birthstones (June for Pearls), or simply to tell someone how much you think of them.

When you select your Pearls from I love my Pearls they will come in a modern pretty gift box with nicely packaged matching luxury tissue paper, an organza dust bag and a certificate. They look beautiful and expensive!