10 Good reasons to buy Pearls

  • December 22, 2019

Good reasons to buy pearls are:

  1. Because the Duchess of Cambridge wears pearls and she’s elegant and  Rihanna wears pearls and she’s cool.
  2. Because it always annoys himself-miserable old…….!
  3. Because they remind me of my mother and I’m turning into my mother.
  4. Because they are organic gems, not throw away disposable cheap jewellery.
  5. Because they have a special glow which makes me look and feel like a Princess.
  6. Because I can wear them to the supermarket and to the opera and don’t feel out of place.
  7. Because it’s Tuesday and it’s raining.
  8. Because I’ve worked too hard not to have them.
  9. Because it’s my Birthday, Graduation, Anniversary, it’s June, 
  10. Because I love pearls!                                                                                                            Now there’s some good reasons to buy pearls……..any more?                                                                                                                                                          

    Our pearls are right in the middle of this fashion trend. We have lovely baroque pearls both earrings, necklaces and bracelets. As well as more casual and fun pearl jewellery. 

    Why have women been wearing Pearls for hundreds of years? It’s because of two reasons: they look stunning and they make women’s complexions glow. The way a Pearl grows allows light to reflect of it in a special way and so the lustre or glow of a pearl is then reflected onto a complexion -showing off the Pearl and the wearer in the best light!