Pearl Sizes -Big ones, small ones

  • October 31, 2018

We sell a range of different sized Freshwater Pearls, from small and delicate 6-7 mm to large and dramatic 11-12 mm  and everything in-between. For many of us though it’s difficult to imagine what a 6-7 mm bracelet or a 11-12 mm necklace will look like. Here is a quick guide to help you decide on how big or small  you want your Pearls.

Pearl sizes-most of our necklaces are 18″ and the two classic ones are made with 6-7 mm Pearls which is lovely and dainty but we also have the 18″ larger Pearl necklace which has options of 10-11 mm or 9-10 mm. Both are lovely and a really classic size. The Edison extra large Pearl necklace has Pearls which average around 13mm- so really large Pearls.

For earrings we have both the large and the small. The Baroque shaped earrings have Pearls of size 11-12 mm and the large button ones are 10-11 mm or 8-9 mm. Our classic earrings are 7.5-8.5 which is a perfect size for earrings.




2 thoughts on “Pearl Sizes -Big ones, small ones”

  1. I like a string of pearls to be a little shorter than 18 Is this possible
    I rarely buy online but see Helen is fiends with Annette Carrol n Sharon Crosbie!very fine ladies If I’m not happy with an order Presume you have returns policy

    1. Hi Mags,
      Thanks for your comments and yes I understand what you’re saying about the 18″ necklace. We have found that this size is the most popular and so most of our necklaces are 18 with some options of 20,36 and 40″. I am planning on adding some choker length (14-16 inch) necklaces to our product range in the New Year and these may suit you more.I’ll let you know when they are ready. In the meantime we have lots of beautiful Pearl rings, bracelets and earrings……!!
      Yes, we have an easy returns policy,

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